Over the years, our church has partnered with a number of neighborhoods in Greenville. Our current partnerships are with the Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood near Greenville’s historic West End and the Nicholtown Community in our “back yard”. Through a variety of partnership opportunities, we seek to minister alongside our Haynie-Sirrine and Nicholtown neighbors. One of our primary ministry partners in the Nicholtown community is Annie’s House. To learn more about Annie’s House and Sustaining Way, click here: sustainingway.org. Contact Rick Joye for more information.

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Want to help make “Annie’s House” a reality? Go to, the Donate Now page to invest in Greenville’s green future. Or, mail a check payable to GAIHN and designated for “Annie’s House” to P.O. Box 2083, Greenville, SC 29602-2083.


Project Purpose

For families with incomes at or near the poverty level, making payments for food and energy is increasingly difficult. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for households in the lowest 20 percent of the income distribution, spending on food and energy consumes 44.1% of after-tax income. Low-income dwellings generally use more energy per square foot largely due to poorly sealed and insulated structures. These costs create an excessive burden that reduces the ability for low-income individuals to break out of poverty.

Annie’s House seeks to show how this vicious cycle can be broken through the construction of a low cost, highly energy efficient home tied to a sustainable and edible landscape. Annie’s House is focused on demonstrating a way of building and living that can sustain a low-income individual well and ultimately reduce the rate of homelessness throughout Greenville County and beyond.

Project Details

Property containing two homes was purchased at 58 and 60 Baxter in the Nicholtown Community bordering the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Home (#60) was salvaged and demolished and will be rebuilt by Genesis Homes to be a model of low-cost highly efficient housing and called Annie’s House. The home will serve as a transition house for low-income individuals with skills in sustainability as well as a model for sustainable living to residents in the surrounding area and those passing by on the trail. The home and grounds will also serve as a platform for green businesses to demonstrate the benefits of their products.

Ultimately, the home and property will be opened to the public. The second house will initially be used to house the creation care missionary while Annie’s House is being constructed. Afterwards, it will be converted into a GAIHN transition house for the homeless. With over half a million people passing by the property via the trail on an annual basis, Annie’s House is in an ideal location to make a major impact to not only Nicholtown but also to the rest of Greenville.

Creation Care Missionary

The missionary will assist in development and implementation of Annie’s House. He or she will be a low income individual with hands on skills in sustainability (construction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, organic gardening, etc.). Once built, he or she will live in the home, tend the gardens, and help develop sustainable practices in the surrounding communities. The goal will be to develop the individual over 2 to 4 years and then assist them to find full-time employment outside the mission.

Mentorship Program

The missionary will also run a mentorship program for low-income individuals that are interested in learning more about sustainability. Those that successfully complete the program would be considered for the missionary role in the future.