Experiencing Community in Young Adult Ministries

Sunday School – Young Adults

Sunday Morning Schedule

- 9:15 Complimentary continental breakfast in the D-100 lobby
(Practice Gym entrance level, across from the AYMC).
- 9:30 Sunday School

Classes for Young Adults

Adkins/Bouton: Primarily couples in their thirties and forties
Room D-105 (Practice Gym entrance level, hall to left )

Lessons come from a lectionary based curriculum which promotes open discussion and study of biblical texts and its application in the life of the church and its members.They have an annual marriage retreat and plan their own fellowships, outings and mission projects. The class is named after two former teachers, Clista and Glen Adkins, and two current teachers, Becky and Ralph Bouton.

Blue Heaven: Couples in their late thirties and forties
Room D-109 (Practice Gym entrance level, hall to left )
Lessons vary, but primarily come from Formations, the Smyth & Helwys Sunday School curriculum. Emphasis is on making lessons relevant to everyday life. This class plans its own fellowships and get-togethers, which are adult-only and family-oriented.

Gayle Price Class (formerly Foundations): Young couples and singles in their twenties.
AYMC lobby – the AYMC is the new building in the back of the campus
Lessons tend to center on a Bible passage (typically the passage from the sermon in the worship service to follow), but are structured in order to encourage both learning and conversation. In addition, members of this class regularly attend Tuesday Underground, a discussion group for people in their twenties. They also sponsor other mission and fellowship activities as well. The class is named after Dr. Gayle Bolt Price, a former teacher who is dearly missed by all. 


Couples and singles mainly in 30s and 40s

Room D-107 (Practice Gym entrance level, hall to left )

In addition to quality weekly Sunday morning lessons, this class has an annual class retreat, several yearly mission opportunities and plans regular adult-only and family-oriented fellowships. The class is named after the Greek word for fellowship.

Young Adult Activities

Activities language needs to read as follows – The Young Adult classes come together for a variety of activities throughout the year. These include a Fall Kickoff Picnic, Young Adult Breakfasts in the Fall and Spring and a Tapas Party in the Winter.

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Regular Opportunities


1st and 3rd Thursday of each month beginning 9/6/12

Location: Barley’s Upper Room


Tuesday Underground – theological discussion group for young adults in their twenties.  Tuesday evenings, location varies.

For more information, contact Matt Rollins, minister to young adults, at 370-2515 ext. 144.