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“The deepest truth is our union with the Absolute, Infinite Being, with God. That’s the root of our reality.”
-  Radical Optimism. Beatrice Bruteau

“Our sense of feeling good in being ourselves does not come from any kind of contrast or comparison with others. It comes directly and immediately out of our realization of being a creative act of God, simply unique and absolutely precious.
Radical Optimism, Beatrice Bruteau

“There is no time, no place, no situation in which God is not loving you. There is no way God is not loving you. We have to be the continued ‘Yes’ for the love to come through.”
Radical Grace, Richard Rohr

“Redemption isn’t experienced until the wound is received, until the hole in the soul – the weakness within that shows the way out – is recognized and   somewhere looked at and named exactly for what it is.”
Radical Grace, Richard Rohr

“In every culture, the essence of holiness, the ground of maturity, lies not so much in avoiding sin as it does in the cultivation of spiritual consciousness.”
- Welcome to the Wisdom of the World, Joan Chittister

“It is the task of becoming awake to our God, to our world, to the wisdom
that even now lies within us, waiting only to be tapped, that is the real
meaning of our questions. It is, more than that, the one great task of life.”
Welcome to the Wisdom of the World, Joan Chittister

“The thing we fear to face, the thing we aren’t told, is that the struggle with ourselves is the work of a lifetime. If the question is, What is wrong with me: why can’t I change? the answer may be that I have to decide  to begin… beginning to begin is the secret.”
Welcome to the Wisdom of the World, Joan Chittister

“Forgiveness means each party faces what has been done, each assesses and assumes his part, each resolves to bear the shame and the hurt, and then begins anew.”
- Moments of Reflection, L.D. Johnson

“God is love, and forgiveness is (God’s) nature. But (God) cannot give us what we will not have; even God cannot forgive if we will not be forgiven… if we refuse forgiveness to each other.”
Moments of Reflection, L.D. Johnson

“The pain God is allowed to guide ends in a saving repentance never to be regretted. This is to say, pain surrendered to God enables us to change our minds, revise our priorities,and get things straight.”
Moments of Reflection, L.D. Johnson

“Prayer will not change God’s will, but it will put us where (God) can do (God’s) will through us. Prayer cannot divert the stream of life, but it can put our lives into the stream… Prayer is laying your life, it’s resources and possibilities parallel to the will of God.”
Moments of Reflection,  L.D. Johnson

“Let us contemplate the mystery of the divine love, an original, creative, unconditional love directed to us as our transcendent selves, irrespective of any description we may have or not have… And even it works only if it is believed and accepted.”
Radical Grace,  Beatrice Bruteau